Little Luxuries: Designer Trinkets For The Lucky Ones On Your List

The best gifts often come in the smallest packages, don't you think? And, that's especially true when those trinkets have "Laurent," "Chanel," or "Prada" stamped on them. So, if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect presents for those last remaining peeps on your list (because, you know, these gift guides weren’t enough), there's a simple solution: little luxuries, those teensy-tiny goodies from the luxury brands we covet most. Think card cases, sunglasses, beauty goods, and everything in between. But, while these items may be smaller (and cheaper) than their counterparts, they all pack that same luxury-designer punch.
Whether you’re looking to surprise your S.O. with a Louis Vuitton bauble or you just want a Prada key chain to match your fave It bag, the 15 luxe little treats ahead are guaranteed to please.