10 Awesome Halloween Makeup Tutorials, From Cute To Creepy

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It used to be so easy to whip up a Halloween costume with makeup. Green face-paint, maybe some black eyeliner, and ta-da: You're a witch! Now, though, the spooky stakes are higher, thanks to a host of YouTube tutorials that raise the bar and inspire us to try something new.
The sea of videos is as deep as it is wide, so we've dived in to find some of the new and noteworthy Halloween tutorials out there. These range from the cute to the funny, from the mildly creepy to the downright terrifying. So, if you're looking to get a head start on your costume, look no further — these are all you need, along with a few brushes, a little paint, and some creativity. Watch and learn, friends. Watch and learn.

So, speaking of witches, this detailed tutorial must have some black magic in it, because it's just that good. Yes, it's nearly 17 minutes long, but for a look this intricate, it's helpful to see every little detail. The warts, the wrinkles, the bloody teeth — we love it all.

Cat ladies and Internet-meme followers, your Halloween costume is here. We can completely get behind a Grumpy Cat Halloween costume, but folks, we're begging you: no "sexy kitty" versions of Tardar Sauce, please.

Thanks in advance for the nightmares, guy who whipped up this American Horror Story tutorial. Despite being the sort of face that will, indeed, haunt our dreams, the step-by-step is actually pretty easy. If you're a makeup newb who wants to create maximum crap-your-pants impact at your office costume party, look no further. Just don't look in the mirror, because you might give yourself a heart attack.

Kandee Johnson has, like, zillions of YouTube followers because she's personable, she's funny, and she occasionally does wackadoo stuff like this Duck Dynasty tutorial...complete with a fake beard. Seriously. It's quite a bit of effort for those watching at home, but you know what they say: Go big or don't even bother trick-or-treating.
This certainly isn't the only Jem tutorial, but this one really is truly outrageous. Sure, the makeup instruction is solid, but we think the singing and air guitar takes this video to the next level.

If you watch Doctor Who, you already know about The Silence, the eeeevil aliens out to get us all. But, even if you're not a sci-fi fan, you have to admit that this is one frightening face. Enterprising costumers could also add some fangs to fake an old-fart vampire — hey, why not? It could work.

Admittedly, we were heretofore unfamiliar with Skelita Calaveras. Turns out that Skelita, a Monster High doll, is a magical character from "Hexico." Who knew? Anyway, this young fan's tutorial is just about the cutest thing we've ever seen. If this sweet kid doesn't make you smile, then we're worried that those Silence guys got to you.

Is there a doctor in the house? Because we'd love to know if the "muscles" drawn here line up with the real thing. Sure looks like it, and paired with a white eye, this skull-and-tendons face is impressively scary.

Cleopatra is a classic, but — as we know from personal experience — getting the eye makeup to dazzle ain't as easy as it looks. This woman nails it (we need to get on that gold shadow right away). Don't speak French as she does? Ne t'inquiète pas — past the intro, the steps are demonstrated visually.

There's been enough fearful stuff in this roundup to keep us awake all night, so we're finishing things off with something cute and cuddly: a deer. (Insert "doe-eyed look" joke here.) Seriously, though, this is a look that's super-sweet, and sometimes, that's what you need to stand out in a sea of ghouls and goblins.

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