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Our EIC Just Cleaned Out Her Closet…Want First Dibs?

Call it a closet obsession, but we've made our way into some of the most wanted wardrobes around, from superstar-stylist Natalie Joos to the Dannijo sisters. Still, our editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich, owns one of our most favorite personal collections, ever.
So, when we feel a Christene closet-cleaning coming on, we're ready and waiting to scoop up all the treasures she's generous enough to part with. And this season's purge was a doozy. From green suede Marni flats to an impeccable white Armani pantsuit to the perfect striped T-shirt, this offering includes over 65 stunning pieces — all available in our fearless leader's exclusive R29 summer closet sale.
Shop our favorites below. Just don't forget to tell us what you're buying...and what you'll be wearing it with.