Elizabeth Olsen Might Be Our New Favorite Musician. Maybe.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have made it known that they've given up the film game for good and have proven themselves, again and again, as adept fashion designers and moguls. However, the younger Olsen? It seems as if, though her sisters have retired, acting is her true calling. And as far as the critics are concerned, Elizabeth Olsen is certainly doing her high-profile name proud.
Olsen is, in person, like a moving statue — absolutely graceful and poised, and if you couldn't recognize her very Olsen-ish looks or the actress from one of her indie hits, it would be pretty obvious she's something special just by the way she enters a room. She seemed to glow, even though her simple makeup consisted of cheek highlighter, mascara, and a low-key Fresh tinted-lip treatment. Yet, once she started speaking, the statuesque qualities quickly disappeared and we quickly saw a friendly, expressive, and totally relatable young lady...just a young lady who is breathtakingly, preternaturally beautiful.

Fashion week is coming up. So, where are we going to see you.

"Um, The Row, duh! Obviously I'll be there. But I also hope to go to Rodarte, rag & bone, and Alexander Wang, too. But The Row is clearly my main goal to hit."

Obviously. You must get the best perks as a little sister. Because your sisters are in fashion, do you think you put more pressure on yourself to wear great red-carpet looks?

"Honestly, the more I think about it, the more self-conscious I get. To me, my sisters are the best at what they do. I just look at them and think, 'Wow, they can wear anything.' I just try to take inspiration from them."

In your new movie Very Good Girls, you play the more bohemian part to Dakota Fanning's privileged young Brooklynite. We even heard you played guitar. Will you keep that up?

"Yeah! I totally loved playing guitar. I practiced every day while we were planning for the movie. In fact, my finger-picking was so much better than my strumming. When I was watching the movie, I can see myself strumming and it looks so awkward to me now! I've gotten so much better. But yeah, I love it. I think playing music is a perfect hobby for me."

We're calling it: An Elizabeth Olsen album is coming out, and will debut at The Row's 2017 runway show. You heard it here first.

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

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