Behold! Official Images Of The Ladies From Game Of Thrones Season 3

Not a big spoiler alert: By the end of season two, Daenerys Targaryen finds her dragons. Slightly larger spoiler alert: In season 3, she gets about this whole "world domination" thing.
While Game of Thrones may not be everyone's thing, some of our editors are diehard fans of the world of Westeros — so much so, that we had fun identifying the new characters that are fresh for season three. After five books totalling several thousand pages, we have great expectations, and this crop of just-released photos from HBO seems to be pretty darn impressive. Sansa got sexy, Arya is still tough as ever, and Cersei still strikes fear into our hearts. March 31 for the debut, everyone. For the record, Winter is no longer coming: It is here.
Click through for more photos, but there is a serious nerd alert in effect.

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