A Sundance Packing List To Keep You Warm, Even If You Aren’t In Utah

Ah, Sundance. The time of year where we get to see all of our favorite celebs, bedecked in furry boots, oversized parkas, and swaddled in scarves, motoring around Utah and chatting about independent cinema. After spending the entire year spotting stars on warm Los Angeles streets or while they frolic at farfetched tropical vacations, it's always heartening to see that Sundance is kind of like, "Celebs, they're just like us...and they are very, very cold."
Yet, some well-heeled Park City visitors have the right idea with their bundling tactics, and taking inspiration from the Sundance slopes is a great way to refresh your wintery mix. Check out some of the things we're packing as we head west this winter.
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