4 R29 Reservettes Take On 4 Natural Beauty Products Under $30

We’re all game to get on the natural beauty bandwagon, but those luxe earth- and body-conscious products tend to come with a less than wallet-friendly price tag — can we get an amen? So, when we came across Home Spa Collection’s chemical-free and surprisingly affordable beauty products, we have to admit, we were a little skeptical. Were these products really going to work? We had to find out for ourselves. So, we chose four contenders (a scrub, a mask, a self-tanner, and a moisturizer) and took them for a test drive. The results? You'll have to read on and see, but let's just say the Reserve team has some very happy new complexions... and wallets.
Want to try out these natural, budget-friendly beauty finds for yourself? Grab them for an even bigger steal––now on R29 Reserve!

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