This Is Gonna Be Good: Yoko Ono For Opening Ceremony!

Yoko Ono, the woman who needs no introduction, is adding something awesome to her résumé: a collaboration with Opening Ceremony! This is like a right of passage for any scenester worth their salt, so it makes perfect sense — Ono's avant-garde aesthetic is right in line with OC's trendsetting style.
The collection will be called "Fashions For Men" and (you guessed it) it's a menswear line. Kind of disappointing for us girls, although we don't doubt there will be a few pieces worth borrowing! The designs are apparently inspired by John Lennon's "hot bod" (Yoko's words), and based on sketches she gave him as a gift in 1969. The sketches will also be compiled in a book. Release is set for Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles, November 30 in London, and December 9 in Tokyo.
OC founder Humberto Leon said of the collaboration, “I think she just fell in love with John’s body and wanted to show off all of the parts of his body that she loved. There’s something so beautiful about that sentiment. And we’ve realized these designs in pretty actual terms of how she drew them.”
Ono is also keen on numerology and has thus arranged for each item to be produced in a run of just 52 pieces, a number which she believes is lucky (although posters and sweatshirts will be produced in larger quantities). These limited-edition pieces include a jockstrap, knee pads with eyes on them for when your jeans have holes, a pair of thigh-high boots, and another pair of boots with a conical incense holder at the toe (we're as confused as you are).
This sounds like the kind of collection you have to see to believe, so stay tuned for images — and, if you're in the area, Yoko will also be holding a book signing on Tuesday at the OC flagship in New York. Guys, get your conical incense holders ready! (WWD)
Image: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony; via Vogue.

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