Blogger High-5, Holiday Edition: Nicolette Mason's Cheeky-Chic Wish List

When it comes to getting dressed, we're all about the little things. Embellishments, glittery finishes — it's those shiny bits that take outfits up a thousand notches. And if anyone has mastered how to seamlessly lob together gilded cockroach necklaces with fur vests and platform heels, it's Nicolette Mason. The writer, style setter, and contributing Marie Claire editor excels at effortless femininity, which is why we've become nonstop obsessed over Mason's fanciful taste. Add to it a dream closet filled with Miu Miu's glittery best, as much adoration for Chris Benz's fried-egg top as we have, and her poetic writing and dreamy wish lists have reeled us in to her namesake blog — and left us wanting more, more, more.
We simply had to find out her must-haves for this holiday season, and thankfully, she let us in on her favorite wants and wishes for winter. From the cheeky purse she's pined after for years to the bold baubles that'll gussy up any ol' dress, this fashion blogger's chic picks are rife with fun, kitschy details — setting her apart from the rest. Have a spin around her party of a blog, but first, take a look at what Mason's crossing her (well-tipped!) fingers for this holiday season.

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