Step Aside, Sandy! Starbucks Won’t Let A Hurricane Get In The Way Of Coffee

Like the lone pin left standing after we bowled through the other nine (duh, we're bowling geeks), rumor has it there has been at least one Starbucks location open despite the worst of the Frankenstorm! Yep, you can still get your double tall, 1 raw sugar, all-fat cap' at the Marriot Marquis at 45th street, because it's still standing, despite the wind and rain. All you have to do is trek over to Times Square!
Even though the Starbucks force is 221 locations strong in this city, which basically amounts to one storefront per capita (duh, we're math geeks), we still weren't surprised to learn that a life-threatening weather formation could shutter one of the city's strongest retailers –– well, almost. Here's hoping the Marriot does those tireless baristas a solid with a fancy suite!
And, since we know all you dear readers are serious caffeine fiends, let us know in the comments where else you're getting your java during the blackout. And, of course, don't forget to tip — imagine what those baristas have been through! (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist