Coffee Lover: Angela Pham’s Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Barista Girl

Sure, they wax poetic about proper grinds, never go two hours without a caffeine kick, and will only accompany you to the lastest, greatest roasters when all you want is a simple cup of Joe and a muffin. But so what if everyone thinks your treasured gal pal or sister is a coffee snob? You wouldn’t have them any other way. This holiday, show your buzzed loved one just how much you appreciate her refined tastes by snapping up a few treats from this shopping list, compiled by gorgeous photographer, Gallery Girls star, and java junkie Angela Pham. With foodie books, chic accessories, and sweet-and-savory treats, we're sure there's something your barista girl will adore.

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Photographed by Winnie Au, Hair by Bethany Brill, Makeup by Tiffany Patton, Still Life photographed by Mike Garten Advertisement