Lightweight Layering 411: 14 Transitional Pieces To Toss On & Off!

We all know that September is often the hottest month of the year. Still, with fall mags urging us to bust out the boots and dust off those moto jackets, sometimes we can't help but jump the sartorial gun.
But hey, planning ahead never hurt anyone, right? Rather than sit around and envy our East Coast counterparts as they celebrate the joys of sweater weather, we're joining in on the fun — SoCal style. Our strategy is to have a perfect stash of shawls and scarves, ready to wrap around our necks or double as a makeshift blanket at an outdoor event. We're also collecting capes and cardis for battling the surge of indoor air-conditioning we can't seem to avoid. No matter your plan of attack, those temps don't stand a chance against these 14 chic cover-ups!

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