Why Don’t You…Pair a Hot Vest With Anything and Everything?

Remember us challenging you to take on a wide-brimmed topper last month? Well, we've got another sartorial notion for you...just in time for this week's rising thermostat! So, Why Don't You...reach for a vest in lieu of a tank on a hot day? Here's the deal: It's L.A., and we know you've got hot-weather fashion on lock, it's your bread and butter. But we just love to give you a chance to kick it up a notch, which is what a summer vest is all about.
Like your go-to button-down for fall, a vest makes you look a bit more put together without ever appearing like you're trying too hard. Revive last summer's maxi skirt with a vintage-y denim vest for a boho 70's vibe, or make your white denim look extra sleek with a blazer style à la Boy by Band of Outsiders. Want more solid picks? Click through to check out the options we scooped up for you from around the 'net, and whatever you do, trust us, the vest is best!
Photo: Via Farfetch