Headphone Stalking! 9 Rad 'Phones From The NY Streets

One of the greatest things about New York fashion is that everyone — well, almost everyone — walks and takes the subway together. That means sick style is constantly passing by us, which makes it even easier to check out and (let's face it) stalk the coolest kids in town. With this in mind, we set out to find the best headphones (an essential to NY transit) around and of course find out what's being blasted inside of them. We're obviously pretty into music around here, given our love of performing and tendency to stalk 'phones from within our own office, so we jumped at the chance to capture our favorite form of ear candy on real New Yorkers... and may or may not have been blasting our fave Carly Rae tune while we wrote this, too (no it's not old yet).
Click through the slideshow for the least creepy way to stalk cool NY music-lovers and get ready for some major ear-candy envy.

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