12 Super-Cool Camp Sites For An Unforgettable Weekend Away

[UPDATE: This post was originally publish on May 1]
There’s no denying that Troop Beverly Hills’ Phyllis Neffler is a fictional goddess, and we’re all about her genius faux campgrounds at the BHH. However, we also bow down to au natural ladies who aren't afraid to get a little mud on their Birkenstocks, and kick it in the wild for days at a time.
Besides, doesn’t it sound like a real relief to leave the trendy clothes at home, have your feet relish in freedom from those heels, and forgo makeup altogether (okay maybe don’t go that far)? Well, if you're ready for a weekend that's about what counts — straight-up fun — we know where the hot windsurfers sleep under the stars (also included: working showers and the best chili), as well as the places where you can rage beachside with a gaggle of pals. Or, if you prefer to go with just your beau in tow, we've got the perfect spot for candlelit Scrabble, fine wine in plastic cups, and snuggling up in a sleeping bag meant for one. Either way, you'll want to click through and start planning your next "Wilderness Girl" adventure.