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Budget Brawl: 2 R29 Editors Style 8 $50 Outfits

To some, a bargain looks like a 20%-off sticker on a $3,000 bag. And while we can't deny a deal's a deal (and we're a sucker for them all), when you've got the shopping bug, it's important to be able to really dig deep for the best items worth your bucks. So, once again, we've taken to some often overlooked stores to find some serious outfit inspiration on the cheap. We sent our global editor, Connie Wang, and New York editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, to Kmart and Old Navy and, shockingly, the gals reported that both spots had more than enough options to make a great outfit. Actually, eight of 'em, each at around $50! Yep, you read that right. If you've been saving up for that Céline, more power to you, but, in the meantime, here's an octet of looks we love for just half a Benjamin.
Check out Annie and Connie's cheap-chic looks, pick your fave, and shop now, guilt free!