In The Clear: 7 Of The Hottest See-Through Soles For Spring

Ever since Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock spilled the beans on her love for see-through shoes, and mentioned that she may sport said soles for her summer nuptials — we can't stop having Cinderella-like dreams of clear-as-crystal slippers. The designer told R29 that she's "loving shoes that look like you're wearing nothing at all, especially after what feels like years of seeing those giant behemoth platform beasts everywhere. My dream shoe of late is a '90s strappy Manolo with a Lucite wedge."
And while clear footwear has long been reserved for (oddly enough) both grandmas and strippers, designers are now using plastic, resin, and lucite in imaginative new ways that give us an onslaught of options to show off our warm-weather pedis.
We let our fingers do the walking, and were pleasantly surprised to find this under-the-radar trend thriving, and boasting available iterations from Manolo to Madden, all over the interwebs. While we came up with some seriously swoon-worthy aspirational options, we found just as many that require just a bit less saving-up, as well. So, click through, and get ready to set your feet free.