How Much Would You Pay To Get Rubbed Down With Diamonds?

When it comes to new and unusual beauty treatments, we're more than happy to put our bodies on the line. Stiletto nails? Tried 'em. Led Zepplin massage? Oh yeah, baby. Stick-on eyeliner? Been there, done that. And while we stop just short of getting our lady bits outfitted with fur, there is a whole world of strange and wonderful beauty treatments available in NYC...if you can afford them, of course.
Racked recently gave their readers the low-down on eight of the most expensive spa treatments in the city, which include the aforementioned vajazzling, plus a few decidedly more normal options like Photo Rejuvenation light treatments to reduce skin damage ($450), and a massage/wrap that promises to slim you down ($180). While we'd be more than happy to spend time getting a flower peel ($265) or getting covered in mud from Morocco ($220), the crown jewel of this list has to be a massage at The Spa at Trump SoHo (why are we not surprised?), where you can get rubbed in oils that have been infused with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires for the bargain price of just $295. We like being pampered as much as the next girl, and what could be more luxurious than a treatment that leaves you literally dripping in diamonds? (Racked)

Photo: Via Racked