Say Merci For That Holiday Loot! Here’s Where To Buy The TY Notes

The holidays are (almost) outta here! But just because we’ve waved buh-bye to all the prezzie hoopla, that doesn’t mean we’re completely off the hook. Yep, it's time to get those dreaded "Thank You" notes in order. And even though we’ve overdosed on shopping, and kind of want nothing more than to lounge around in our jammies until 2012, we’re doing what any responsible gift-receiver would do, and crafting the loveliest of cards for our loved ones.
We may not exactly be thankful for that ceramic, sweater-clad pig that Aunt Phyllis gave us (true story), but it’s the thought that counts, right? And as a little gift from us to you, we’re making your TY note trek a bit easier and rounding up three must-hit shops for everything paper and card-centric. You can thank us later.
Photo: Via Pulp Facebook Page.