3 Super-Chic NYC Bakers Indulge Our Sweet Tooth

It's getting chilly, and with the furs and riding boots comes the pressing urge to curl up with a glass of wine and some seriously yummy indulgences. Yes, we tend to go into hibernation mode as the temps go down (we can't be the only ones, right?), and these three hot NYC bakers aren't slowing down the journey to our nooks. They each serve up a pretty mean batch of cupcakes, cake balls, or gluten-free products, and since they've had a hand in the fashion game, they do it all in style. We're not suggesting you hide under baggy sweaters all season, but we think it's worth noting that if you're gonna do it anyways, you might as well be munching on the masterpieces of these super-chic culinary New Yorkers who seem to have the recipe down for looking and feeling good. Plus, there's a promise that, "you don't get fat from eating desserts," which debunks your permanent desire to trim that waistline by staying off the sweets, (but, yes the trim-down is on our to-do lists, too, right under "learn to play guitar," and "befriend Ryan Gosling" —we'll keep you updated).
Click through to see these girls in their groove and try an exclusive WaveCake recipe so good, you'll ask for a glass of milk!