3 Best: Super-Easy Fall-Prep Cleanses

Perhaps you did a bit too much eating, drinking, and wassailing this Labor Day weekend, or you just want to detox from the long summer months of sun and fun. Either way, we've got you covered with the three best ways to let your body heal for the fall. We've gathered three quick and healthy ways to jumpstart all your detox desires and we promise they are as easy as they are effective. From the nutritionist to the stars to the most potent vitamin supplements, be sure to check out the best wellness plans Los Angeles has to offer.
1. Dr. Soram Khalsa:
Dr. Khalsa is the city's most famous holistic healer with fans like Donna Karan and Deepak Chopra, and his approach to integrative medicine includes working with herbs, vitamins, and dietary supplements like Vitamin D. He's sure to help you get back on track after an indulgent three days—or months!
436 North Bedford Drive Suite 308 (at Santa Monica Boulevard); 310-274-6200.
2. Dr. Bo Wagner:
This nutritionist is a big proponent of herbal shakes and the blood type diet—and his big secret is to never eat proteins with starches. His supervised cleanses, including his famous "Magic Pak" can last anywhere from ten days to a month, and leave stars like Jessica Alba and Jenny McCarthy feeling euphoric and 5 to 7 pounds lighter.
269 South Beverly Drive Suite 1153 (at Gregory Way); 1-877-910-3726.
3. Earth Bar:
If you don't want to see a professional, we can recommend Earth Bar. The super helpful staff knows all about vitamin cleanses, and the B12 shots are pretty popular if your diet needs a kick in the pants...literally.
8365 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Alta Loma Road); 323-301-4980.

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