ViX Mogul Paula Hermanny Preps You For Bikini Season (And Shares A Pretty Sweet Deal)

Is it just us, or does it feel like swimsuit season is making a sneak-attack? Just last week, we were in winter layers, and if these crazy temps keep up, we’ll be down to our skivvies without knowing what hit us — and that’s never a good thing…for anyone. So, to help prepare ourselves for bikini season, we went right to the source: The beautiful Brazilian brain behind mega swimwear giant ViX, Paula Hermanny. We’ve been drooling over her gorgeous, bodycon suits all week thanks to R29 Reserve’s super-sweet deal, so we couldn’t wait to get the scoop on Paula’s faves, which styles work for whom, and how to rock a teeny-weeny bikini, the Brazilian way. Read on for all the deets, and don’t forget to scoop up your very own ViX stunner on Reserve (they’re up to half-off!).
You grew up in Brazil and then moved to San Diego for college. Did that move have something to do with your decision to design swimwear? If so, how?
"Yes, it did! When I came to California, I had so much trouble finding a bikini I liked, so I brought some from Brazil and also started making my own. My friends all loved them, so I decided that I wanted to bring Brazilian beach culture to America."
What are your inspirations when you’re designing? Are you creating suits for specific types of women?
"I keep a certain woman in my head when I design. She's a world-traveling sophisticate, but she's also someone who can jump in the ocean at a moment’s notice. She has exquisite taste and is in constant awe and wonder of the beauty around her."
What do you think are the best swimwear shapes for different body types?
"The BIA bikini is our most-flattering suit on all body types across the board, especially for hourglass figures. For pear shapes, balance proportions with a ruffled bandeau top. For athletic figures, play with prints, details, and ruched bottoms that will give your bum bum some shape!"
Beach season is something we all look forward to with equal amounts of excitement and dread. Do you have any tips for feeling and looking your best in a swimsuit?
"Bikini body maintenance is a year-round thing because it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is my favorite exercise! Try to love your body and be comfortable with it. It helps to treat yourself to a spa or sunless tanning service to boost your confidence on the beach."
Which of your swimsuits do you wear personally? Do you have any favorites?
"I have been wearing our new Bohemian bikini all around Rio. It's from our latest Web Exclusives collection, and I love it because of the intricate macramé weave and fringe side tassel. I also love to match our Macau python-print jade detail bikini with the Macau flip-flops."
Everyone from Halle Berry to Kim Kardashian to Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing your designs. What’s it like seeing your creations on celebrities?
"It's the most amazing feeling! It makes me so happy to see ViX bikinis worn by people representing different fashion senses because this means that I have done my job in making women look and feel beautiful."

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