15 Tech Cases To Deck Out Your Device

We finish the analogy "my cellphone is like my…" with a lot of extremes. Some would call it their best friend, their beloved, their social network, their news source, and (sometimes) their worst enemy (cue the sequence of water-damaged cellies soaking in a jar of rice—yes, it works!). No matter what role your electronics play in your life, why shouldn't they be as chicly outfitted as you are? To avoid fracturing your frenemies, we're bringing you 15 tech cases to make your gadgets extra glamorous. From leather reader covers that double as clutches to a pop of bling that'll make your phone look like it belongs on your wrist instead of in your hand, these options prove that designers like Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and Mulberry have a whole new category of must-haves. Come on, at this point, you feel more naked without your phone than you do without, say, pants. What? We said extreme.
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