Try It: Colored Mascara (Don't Be Scared!)

When you think of colored mascara, stylish is likely not the first word that comes to mind. The bastion of '90s makeup, along with visible lip liner and streaky blush, it's mostly avoided by women today for fear of looking tacky or dated. Maybe it's nostalgia or maybe it's just post-Fashion Week insanity, but we just weren't ready to give up on bright mascara altogether — it makes your eye color pop like no other, opens up your eye area, and really is a fun way to play with color.
We knew there had to be a chic way to rock a full-color fringe, so we asked Yves Saint Laurent makeup artist Melina Cavalieri to help craft three sophisticated makeup looks that use colored mascara to its full, fashionable potential. Click through to get the scoop on the looks and find out which hue will best accentuate your gaze.
Photographed by Ben Ritter

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