You Totally Got This: 4 Easy Braids For Rookies

While some girls learn to braid hair by practicing on their dolls, others learn by practicing on their, um, horses. Like Audra Billingsley, who loosened up her fingers by working with ponies. That’s right; Before becoming a sought-after Miami hair pro, Billingsley was known in her hometown of Walla Walla, Washington as the best mane artist around. True story.
And with a resume like that, who better to talk to about perfecting the braid than Billingsley? We caught up with the Sean Donaldson Salon stylist and had her teach us how to master 4 simple braid styles. Her techniques are so easy that even a rookie can duplicate the twists. So make like Billingsley and pony up, and click through our step-by-step tutorial. Then, get ready to give Miss Conrad a run for her money.
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