A Makeup Pro Teaches Us The Dos and Don’ts Of Liquid Liner

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We’ve all fallen victim to the raccoon-eyed look as a result of our experimenting with liquid eyeliner. It just looks so easy in the magazines, right? Well, it’s not. And there are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to the dramatic look. But this time, we’re leaving the advice to a local pro, Rocio de la Cruz. This celebrity-adored makeup artist shares her tricks of trade — which happen to include a tip on makeup remover, too. In case your hand slips, ya' know?

Why use liquid eyeliner?
“To emphasize the eyes in a dramatic way, and it makes the lashes appear fuller. It's not an everyday product unless it's done very subtly. But it does last longer than a regular pencil. It’s also great to wear over false lashes to cover that plastic rim.”


What should we look for when purchasing a great liquid liner?
“The most popular color is black. It comes in several shades and also with glitter. The latest formulations come in a cream/gel form (for those with a steady hand) and in a pen form (which is easier to control).”

What are your tips for applying?
“When using the traditional liquid liner, make sure the brush is very thin and go as close as you can to the lash line. Then, hold it sideways, don't put too much pressure on it, and let it slide. If the line is crooked, it can be corrected by dipping a very thin Q-tip on matte black eyeshadow. Use the Q-tip to smudge the eyeliner.”

How can we avoid the raccoon eyes?
“When doing your makeup, always do your eyes first. This way, you will be able to clean up any residue that falls under the eye with makeup remover. And make sure to apply concealer at the end!”

Photo: Via Nordstrom.

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