Luxe Up LAX With These (Wildly) Expensive Prada Headphones

Except for maybe Coachella or Malpensa circa Fashion Week, airport people-watching over the holidays is second to none. And you never know just whom you may bump into in terminal two—an old flame, a future soulmate, that snotty cheerleader from HS. For this reason, we firmly urge against the rolling-out-of-bed-and-checking-in look. However, these Prada earphones could make even the shoddiest of sweats look chic (throw on some leopard flats and red lipstick, and you're insta-Alex Wang!). We know, we know, the $595 price point is a serious bank-breaker, but if your wallet's bursting with Benjamins, why not tune out those screaming babies in style? (Interview)

Photography: Via Interview.