8 Delicious (And Super-Boozy!) Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we have a few weeks to prep for the holidays in all their twinkling glory (hanging lights! jolly tunes! family bonding!), we think it's time to meditate, get back to the meaning of it all…or, on second thought, maybe it's just time to master some recipes for an extra-stiff drink or two. Look, we're not telling you that alcohol is a cure-all, or even a dependable friend, but wouldn't it be nice to swig something super-spiked when Grandpa Jack starts going off about how when he was your age, meat came in a can and love notes came in a bottle? Yep, we thought so, too, so we tapped some notable NYC mixologists to get the low-down on their highest-proof, holiday-appropriate cocktails. And hey, If nothing else, these eight new drink options will spice up any party beyond that traditional (and tasteless) egg-nog bore.
Click through for the best of the best in holiday cocktails, and make sure to call us if you need a taste tester!
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