The Greatest Guy Gift Guide Of The Season

We're already playing Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe" on repeat around here—we're just that excited for the holiday season. The only bummer on the horizon? Figuring out what to buy for the main men in our lives. Picking the perfect gift that you'll both love watching him unwrap can feel daunting. So, we've taken out the guesswork and the time you'll spend convincing him not to wear that to your family's holiday party. Give a warm welcome to our 24, editor-beloved, guy-approved gifts, available right here in the Big Apple. And we're not talking socks, ties, and more socks. Nope, this year our crop of new presents includes a thought-provoking Kindle cover, a masculine non-messenger bag you'd borrow, and (yes!) even an iPod accessory that we can all agree is cool. Here are the gifts that are sure to be your boyfriend's, father's, brother's, or co-worker's favorites of the season. If you buy one for yourself, well, we won't tell the boys.
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