Here’s What Glow-In-The-Dark Dom Perignon Does To People

We're not sure what it is about stuff that glows in the dark, but that neon fluorescence seems to act as the universal signal to get crazy. It was certainly the case Wednesday night on Wooster Street, where revelers spilled out into cobblestones oblivious to the downpour. But, banish the thoughts of glow-sticks in Vegas or a dorm room shrooms poster—black lights have never been so refined thanks to the debut of Dom Pérignon Luminous, an updated version of the French champagne house's signature bottle that's kitted out with a button wired to make the iconic crest glow a trippy green for hours in the dark. Cheekily inspired by Dom P creator Pierre Pérignon’s famous quote—"Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!"—the mechanics of the light, hidden under the bottle, are fully waterproof, meaning that those bubbles can be chilled while still illuminated.
Indeed, party-goers at the private loft to celebrate Luminous certainly saw stars thanks to the heady mix of Dom Pérignon's vintage 2002 and the epic musical stylings of Swiss Beatz, who DJed the packed private loft from a second floor balcony overlooking a makeshift dance floor. Though we couldn't keep our eyes off the bright bubbly, we spied the likes of Brian Atwood, Hannah Bronfman, Kate Foley, Morgan Collett, Andre Balazs, Chelsea Leyland, and Sam Talbott clinking glasses while Rihanna's "We Found Love," shook the walls. We were the last ones dancing as fake snow rained down from the ceiling and got into our hair, boots, and shirt, but not, thanks to quick placement of a strategic napkin, our champagne flute. Starlight doesn't come cheap, after all.
Click through to see our party pics...glow-in-the-dark champagne is an event game-changer, n'est-ce pas?
Photos: David X Prutting/ of Nadine Johnson