Potential New (Awful) Trend: Big, Fluffy, Fur Tails

Remember those awkward wallet chains that way too many people rocked in the nineties? (And Pete Wentz, circa now). Well, something equally atrocious has popped up on the fashion radar, if you can even consider this "fashion"—big, fluffy, fur tails à la Louis Vuitton. Think rabbit tail keychains, multiplied by 50. At first they were spotted hanging from bags and belt loops, but recently it seems they've taken on a whole other life. One blogger claims that people are actually rocking these furry freaks on their derrieres, as evidenced by the roadkill look a blogger spotted in the West Village, at left. The idea of people pinning a furry appendage on their asses has us grossed out enough, but we're wondering, are people sporting genuine fur? Do they keep them attached when sitting down? If you decide to detach, where do you store said tail? The whole thing is pretty disturbing, and while we're all for personal expression, this furnomenom is just absurd. (via The Vacillator)

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