What They Wore: 29 Looks From NYFW Mega-Babes

When we see a fabulously dressed girl on the street, it takes a lot of control not to run up to her and ask where she got her dress/lipstick/shoes /cardigan/earrings/bag...okay, so sometimes we give in. And unsurprisingly, along with the Tents, the parties, and the shows,
NYFW also served up some serious wardrobe jealousy. Fortunately, we were able to glean a bit of outfit inspiration with some of the best street-style looks of the week. Sure, that sequined cardigan may be one of a kind, and no, we probably can't afford (yet!) that brand-new Miu Miu bag, but we recommend using these pics as a fall what-to-wear inspiration guide of sorts. Plus, while we wouldn't typically go for an elephant-printed button-down and Bentley-printed shorts with bloomers peeking out, we're really glad we found someone who did. From the Man Repeller to Bunny Bisous, the mad-cool attendees were just as inspiring as the looks floating down the runway. Just click through and you'll see what we mean.
Photographed by: Mark Iantosca

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