12 New Fall Home Finds To Grow Up Digs

Girl moves to city. Girl gets an MBA. Girl knows fashion. But when it comes to interior decorating, girl's clueless. Or such is the story of Britt Wallach, who founded Decorate Your Digs, a shopping website devoted to demystifying the whole apartment-design process. Back in '02, Wallach was working full-time in web marketing at Dean & Deluca and juggling Columbia Business School, while coping with the moving process—in three years, she moved three times, leaving her increasingly frustrated by making her new apartments into livable, comfortable spaces. Fed up with a perceived lack of resources, Wallach quit her day job (so you didn't have to!) to fill a niche in the market, "A way to learn about the best brands and retailers; shop for well made, unique pieces; and put it all together in a fabulous way," without having to hire, say, Nate Berkus. Billed as a site for those who have graduated from "cheap and hand-me-down furniture," Decorate Your Digs has editorial advice, e-commerce, an active community, and design tools for even the most novice of homemakers. Since we're ready to grow up, at least chez nous, we tapped Wallach to lend her expertise and outline a list of interior goods that will give our pad some much-needed maturity without an insane receipt. While it's not dirt-cheap, Wallach's shopping guide is good value for those ready to step up, though we won't blame you if you're still into Ikea (us, too!).
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