Your April Horoscope Is Here — Emotions Are Running High

As we enter the month of April, we’re in the midst of eclipse season, which means emotions are likely to be running high, and our patience may be running thin as Mercury Retrograde begins in Aries on April 1 (and lasts until April 25). It’s not an April Fool’s joke, but it is an invitation to slow down, calm down, and assess what you really want and why. 
On the 5th, Venus enters Aries, and three days later we experience the total solar eclipse in Aries — the first solar eclipse of 2024. This helps boost our collective mood, because solar eclipses are like super-charged new moons, and this eclipse occurs in the first sign of the zodiac. Even though Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, we’ll be feeling an increase in momentum, passion, and initiative, allowing us to breathe new life into projects we had put on hold. Use the 10 days after the new moon to vividly visualize and actualize your dream life into existence. Six months from now, you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and marvelously your intentions unfolded. 
Taurus Season starts on the 19th, helping us enter a calmer and more grounded period. Keep in mind that Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is wrapping up its 13-month stay in Taurus, so having the sun, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus — and experiencing the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20 and the Scorpio full moon on the 23rd — encourages us to take actionable and intuitive steps to secure our long-term goals. 
Life brightens up considerably on the 29th when Venus enters Taurus, followed by Mars entering Aries on the 30th. Since Venus and Mars feel at home in these respective signs, we’ll end the month feeling like our major challenges are now behind us. 
Read your horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.

Aries Sun & Rising

How does it feel to be the cosmic favorite? Not only is your birthday season still going strong this month, on April 8 we’re also experiencing the first solar eclipse of the year — and it’s taking place in your sign. You’ve been feeling the theme of rebirth and evolution in your life these past several months, especially now that the north node is traveling through your sign until 2025. This month’s eclipse takes things to the next level — the seeds you plant this month will set you up for a cycle of great revolution on a personal level, and this will inspire the collective. 
The one caveat is the fact that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is currently retrograde in your sign, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in your sign as well. This means that even if there are indications of progress occurring in your life, you may internally be dealing with deep wounds and past pain that keep resurfacing in your subconscious mind, making it challenging for you to be present. Don’t run away from what you feel. 
Fortunately on April 19 and 20 the start of Taurus Season (and the subsequent Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus) will help bring a sense of peace into your life, as it activates your money sector and helps you remember that the concept of wealth is more than financial — it also includes the way you treat and love yourself and others. Mars’ shift into your sign on the 30th helps you remember that you are a fierce warrior who can always “dust yourself off and try again.”

Taurus Sun & Rising

Your birthday season starts this month, Taurus. But prior to that, you’re in the thick of hibernation season with the Aries sun and solar eclipse activating your sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. Last month’s lunar eclipse in Libra put you through a dark night of the soul type of vibe, and now that you’re experiencing Jupiter’s last full month in your sign, you’re bravely willing to face your shadows in order to transmute them into light. 
On April 8, use the solar eclipse in Aries in your solitude sector to look within yourself for guidance. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize, but you’ll be even more discerning and selective with who you share your energy with and why. Clear out the old and make way for the new, but also remember that Mercury is currently retrograde in Aries, so what you’re releasing may come back around in your life during future retrograde cycles, especially if there are still lessons to be learned or healed. 
Once the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction takes place in your sign on the 20th — just one day after your season begins — you may receive a windfall of blessings, seemingly out of nowhere. This isn’t too good to be true — you deserve this abundance, Taurus. Celebrate with your ride or dies during the Scorpio full moon on the 23rd. Once Venus enters your sign on the 29th, you’ll be dazzling with joy and thriving in your element. 

Gemini Sun & Rising

Gemini, your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in Aries for most of April, and this takes place in your sector of friendship and social networks. You may be in quiet mode during the start of this retrograde, because your friends and acquaintances may not seem to understand your vibe, and you won’t be in the mood to explain yourself to them, or to anyone really. But once the solar eclipse in Aries strikes on the 8th, your friendships may go through a period of rebirth, and you may also say farewell to the ones you’ve outgrown.
Your social life will evolve for the better these next six months. On the 19th the sun shifts into Taurus, followed by a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus activating your sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. This is one of the most powerful transits of the year, and it could lead to you experiencing a profound breakthrough on your own healing journey. Take as much time as you need to process the shifts in your inner being, Gemini. 
You’re likely to find that you’re outgrowing many people and situations this Taurus Season, especially once the Scorpio full moon strikes on April 23 in your sector of depth, intimacy, and outside resources. Drop the dead weight and make room for rebirth. 

Cancer Sun & Rising

Cancer, you made it through the first eclipse of eclipse season, and this month you’re gearing up for the solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, activating your sector of career and reputation. This eclipse could catapult your professional trajectory to brilliant new heights these next six months, but in order to get there you have to commit to your journey with confidence and passion. Use the 10 days after the solar eclipse to vividly visualize what you’d like to achieve professionally within the next year, and align yourself with that vibration through moving and thinking like a boss. 
Mercury remains retrograde in your career sector until the 25th, so it’s likely that much of your new moon intentions will have to do with previous goals you had initially begun months or years ago, and that you now feel ready to complete or relaunch. Your mission this month is to learn from your past and make wiser, and more strategic moves as you plot your next steps. 
Taurus Season begins on the 19th, activating your sector of friendship and social networks for the next four weeks. One day later, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could lead to you making a serendipitous connection (or reconnection) with someone who enlightens you to a new way of living and thinking. Then on the 23rd, the Scorpio full moon lights up your sector of romance and dating, making you magnetic, charming, and deeply sensual during the last week of April. Enjoy life’s most intimate pleasures… 

Leo Sun & Rising

Leo, you’re ruled by the sun, so the Aries solar eclipse on the 8th will supercharge you with expansive energy, as it activates your sector of travel, expansion, and long journeys. You’ll be in the mood to hop on a flight to a foreign country, or embark on a new course of study or hobby. You’re ready to switch things up radically and dramatically these next six months, and the super cool thing about this is that you can decide to go in whatever direction you’d like — trust that whatever’s lighting you up the most is the path you’re being encouraged to dive into. Use the 10 days after the solar eclipse to dream up what this fresh start looks, feels, sounds, and smells like for you. Get specific and dream big! 
Speaking of big, something major will happen on the 20th when Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in your Taurus, activating your career sector. You may get a raise, decide to quit your job in favor of something more fulfilling, or even decide that you want to take a sabbatical from work together and spend more time hanging out with trees. Taurus Season encourages you to ground yourself in nature and ask nature for guidance about the professional shifts you’re ready to experience. Wait until Mercury moves direct in Aries on the 25th before making any major changes, but definitely write down the ideas that are percolating in your mind. 

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, what would it feel like for you to trust that the Universe has your back, and that all you have to do is rest, simplify, and keep showing up for what you love? That’s your mission this eclipse month, especially on the 8th when the solar eclipse in Aries stimulates your sector of depth, merging, and outside resources. If you’ve been wanting to apply for grants, investing opportunities, scholarships, or lending programs, this eclipse will grant you the confidence and gusto to go after what you want, and to stop putting yourself in second place. 
This may initially feel easier said than done due to your planetary ruler Mercury being retrograde in Aries, in this exact same sector of your chart. But remember that retrogrades are here to help, not harm, us. It’s very likely that this retrograde cycle will help you review, release, and renew priorities and engagements, allowing you to make better use of your time and energy in the long run. 
When Jupiter-Uranus conjunction takes place in Taurus on the 20th, your expansion sector is activated, which could lead to a serendipitous connection emerging which transforms your life as you know it. Say yes to vibrant new beginnings during Taurus Season, even if they initially feel intimidating. 

Libra Sun & Rising

You made it through the lunar eclipse in your sign that took place on March 25, Libra. Celebrate yourself and your evolution. You did that! As April begins, you’re most likely still taking in the downloads, clearing clutter from your space — physically and psychologically — and working on setting healthier boundaries to protect your peace. Keep doing this work during the first week of April, because once the solar eclipse in Aries strikes in your partnership sector you’ll want to feel spiritually and emotionally grounded, allowing you to let in the energies that are a vibrational match for you. 
On the 20th, just as Taurus Season begins, Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in the sign of Taurus, accentuating Libra-like themes in your life. Since Taurus activates your sector of depth, merging, and outside resources, you could manifest a dream collaborator or end up with a significant amount of money within the month surrounding this conjunction. Yet another reason to make sure you’ve consciously cleared outdated energy from your life, in order to make room for waves of abundance (especially around the Scorpio full moon on the 23rd that lights up your money sector. Cha ching!) 

Scorpio Sun & Rising

Scorpio, you made it through last month’s Libra eclipse, which shed light on wounds within and around you that need healing, on a personal and collective level. You’re entering the month of April feeling grounded and ready for life’s plot twists. Your ability to adapt more easily is largely due to your planetary ruler Pluto’s presence in Aquarius these past three months, and the Aries solar eclipse on the 8th is your opportunity to view life as an adventure you can experience moment to moment. Instead of focusing on what’s to come, cultivate presence. 
The new moon intentions you set from April 8 to 18 will set you up for a six-month cycle of rebirth when it comes to taking care of yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually. This eclipse portal is encouraging you to put your own needs first, and secure your own foundation, before attempting to help others. The world doesn’t need you to be a self-sacrificing savior.
You’ll feel reborn on April 20, when Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in Taurus. Since this auspicious transit takes place in your partnership sector, you’re likely to find yourself significantly deepening your bond with someone special during Taurus Season. Accept the healing connection(s) that you’ve manifested. Then on the 23rd, your annual full moon strikes and helps transform you into the ultimate babe you’ve been dreaming of for months on end. You know what to do, and you’re aligned with consistently doing it. From this point on, doors will continue to open up for you with great ease. Walk through the doors meant for you and lovingly open doors for others. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Sag, your planetary ruler Jupiter is spending its final full month in Taurus, and now that it’s Aries Season and we’re experiencing the solar eclipse in Aries on the 8th (at the same time as Mercury being retrograde in Aries), you’re most likely feeling a push and pull between taking it easy, and powering forward with brand new plans now that the astro new year has truly kicked off. Tap into the energy of last month’s lunar eclipse in Libra and try to find a sense of balance this month, even if the fiery nature of eclipse season will make life feel ultra unpredictable. 
Taurus Season begins the 19th, and on the 20th Jupiter conjoins with Uranus in the sign of Taurus. This conjunction is pushing you out of your comfort zone and encouraging you to streamline your fitness and wellness routine so that it doesn’t feel like a chore or a bore, but rather a part of your lifestyle. If you’ve been meaning to start a new physical activity or to cook more clean meals for yourself, you may feel determined to get to work during the final stretch of April. Just make sure to pace yourself in the process, as you’ve gone through quite the metamorphosis lately, and the Scorpio full moon on the 23rd may feel emotionally intense to navigate. 

Capricorn Sun & Rising

Capricorn, the month of April invites you to take charge and get clear about what you want and don’t want, especially domestically speaking. The solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 highlights your sector of home and your roots, encouraging you to start fresh within the next six months. Perhaps you’ll renovate, redecorate, or relocate. You may birth a new baby (this could be a human baby, a plant baby, or a creative-project baby!), move in with someone, or decide to downsize. Whatever path you pursue, make sure it’s connected to what you really want to do and not what society says you should do. 
On the 20th, as Taurus Season begins, we experience a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, in Taurus. This activates your sector of fate, true love, and creativity. You may fall in love around this time, or a crush (or multiple people) may reveal their feelings or intentions to you. The feelings may feel overwhelming, but also strangely comforting. Then on the 29th, Venus enters Taurus, and Mars enters Aries — these planetary shifts further encourage you to get clear on what you’re ready to call into your life, and to not be afraid when it suddenly and consistently manifests. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising

Aquarius, this eclipse month is revolutionizing the way you communicate your needs — both to yourself and to others. On the 8th, the solar eclipse in Aries takes place in your sector of communication and creativity. If you’ve been wanting to get things off your chest ever since last month’s lunar eclipse in Libra, you may feel called to take part in a fun outlet during the ten days following the eclipse. Karaoke, open-mic night, paint and sip, and improv theater may speak to you, as will songwriting and photography. The key is to stretch your imaginative muscles rather than letting your logical or intellectual side always take the lead. Through doing so, your heart chakra will open, and you may end up with very memorable dating experiences. 
Then once Taurus Season begins on the 19th, you’ll be in a more grounded mood, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on the 20th will help you focus on your home base. If you’ve been wanting to clear up family drama, begin the process of writing a will or estate planning, or start creating a family of your own, this conjunction is likely to propel you in that direction, with the help of Pluto in Aquarius gently operating and working its magic in the background. Say yes to the divine synchronicities taking place in your life, Water Bearer. 

Pisces Sun & Rising

Pisces, the Universe has been shining its light on you lately, even if Pisces Season has come and gone. As April begins we have Venus in your sign until the 5th, and Mars in your sign until the 30th. When you add in the rewarding effects of the Aries solar eclipse occurring April 8 in your income sector, you’ll feel like you’re receiving a double portion of blessings. Situations you had only dreamt of are actually becoming your reality, and your mission this eclipse month is to not sabotage your blessings by believing it’s too good to be true. Make space for your mind and programming to evolve so that you can accept that this is what you deserve, and it’s only getting better. 
The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20 is one of the sweetest and most pleasantly surprising transits of the year, and it takes place in your communication sector. You may astound yourself with your ability to speak your truth, stand up for others, set healthy boundaries, and get clear about what your non-negotiables are. Taurus Season will truly be the blooming season for you, Pisces, so step into your sensual bag and fully allow yourself to shine like the star that you are. 

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