Snake Print & Cherry Mocha: 9 Nail Designs Taking Off This Fall

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The art of the manicure is all about experimentation. This fall maybe you got into the "natural nail" aesthetic, doing your nails at home to save money and time sitting at a salon. It's possible that TikTok influenced you to try the red-nail theory that had many of us wearing (and considering the subliminal messaging of) Big Apple Red.
There are so many trends to try. Given the state of the economy, it stands to reason that many of us will be DIYing the designs, trying our hand (literally) at a simple, single color manicure. Here, we give you a mix, so whether you're heading to a salon before the holidays or painting your nails at home — realistically, you'll do both this season — here are some ideas to inspire.

Four-point star

The biggest nail-art trend of the moment reminds me of Troye Sivan's Vinnpatararin tank top in the "Got Me Started" music video (which Timothée Chalamet went on to parody on SNL). It's essentially a four-point star in the center of the nail. You can get creative with your color combo. This manicure on influencer Lauren Ladniera, a black star over a natural nail, is a minimalist take on the trend. Add a crystal for accent.

Snake print

While the tortoiseshell manicure tends to peak in the fall and winter months, this year we're seeing a different print take hold: the snake print. This is not only mesmerizing to watch (check out this tutorial) but the scaled effect is a bit more unexpected than a brown tortoiseshell. Plus, it incorporates greens, browns, and black tones.

Cherry mocha

This manicure follows the makeup trend known as "cherry cola" lips, which involves lining your lips with a brown lip liner and filling them in with a sheer red gloss. Where nails are concerned, "cherry mocha" is all about sourcing a glossy shade of red with a brown undertone. Basically, we're talking about a good burgundy nail polish. Some of our favorites include Essie Shearling Darling or Bordeaux by Static Nails, which leans more brown.

Geometric French

Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt invents nail trends. She's to credit for Hailey Bieber's "glazed doughnut" nails. The next big thing? The geometric French. Everyone's wearing it: Adele, Sydney Sweeney, and Kelsea Ballerini. Ganzorigt has a tutorial on the look. Basically, you need a sheer nude base, and then just a triangle of color in the top left or right corner of the nail. If you want to add something, ask for a gold dot or decal at the right angle.

Chocolate glazed

Another brown nail art trend to get behind is the "chocolate glazed" manicure. This look will trend though the winter because the tone of brown feels autumnal and the chrome powder gives reflection and shine in a way that feels more modern than a glitter or sparkle. If you're at the salon, look for a chestnut brown nail polish — you can go dark because the chrome powder will make the color appear a shade lighter — then ask for a white chrome powder over top to get that mirrored effect.

Squiggle effect

If you want to feel seasonal without going full-on Halloween, try a black nail with a white-squiggle accent. You can get this exact look with these press-on nails from Chillhouse. You could also go to the salon, but press-ons are easier if you're looking for something quick that doesn't require hours in a nail salon.

Lace embroidery

As nail art has become somewhat of an accessory, Fashion Week designers have hired nail artists to produce bespoke looks to pair with their fashion collection. This season at PatBo, nail artist Gina Edwards created these lace embroidered manicures using KISS Glazed Donut Nails in Frosted as the base and gluing lace fabric over top for texture.

Orange aura

If you're looking for something brighter, try neon orange. "A trick to making your neon polish really pop is to apply white underneath," offers manicurist Kim Truong, who recently designed an orange aura nail for Atiana De La Hoya. In this example from Paintbucket, we're seeing an interpretation of the "aura" or "blooming gel" manicure with a neutral pink-nude base and a large tangerine ombré orb at the center of each nail. You could also use an airbrushing technique to create the effect.

Lip gloss pink

Truong predicts that tones of sheer pink will be popular as we move from further into fall. Truong recently told R29 how to achieve this look: Mix a solid pink color with a clear top coat, which will make the polish more translucent, or gossamer, like the lip gloss aesthetic.
A big plus: This style can act as a reset when you've been wearing chrome-dusted nails and you want something less shimmery but not totally bare.

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