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Rapper Kali On How To Spot A Scammer & The Art Of The Finesse

Is 2022 the summer of the scammer? That’s one of the questions up for review on this episode of Unbothered’s Go Off, Sis podcast. And it’s easy to see why. Some of these recent TikTok trends look a lil’ suspect in these streets, as does paying $500 dollars at the pump to fill up the tank. And remind us why Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Drake get to fly in private jets for quick trips, while the rest of us must save the planet by using those quick-to-get-soggy paper straws? Melanated folks have been recycling, okay? For the record, those plastic bags are used for trash, makeshift shower caps and lunch. So, yeah, the hosts know a scam when they see one, and so does their guest, Atlanta’s own Kali.  
Way before she signed a record deal and was destined to give us that “Do a Bitch” energy, the rapper worked with a producer who wanted to mix business and pleasure, instead of focusing on the bag. When Kali declined his advances, the producer made a hard left on Petty Coat Junction. “Men cannot handle [rejection], especially in the industry, when you’re a pretty woman. He got all my music taken down and filed a cease and desist. It was just weird. That was a scam for real,” says the energetic performer. 
Naturally, the conversation turned to the T word because toxicity and scamming are first cousins. And Kali, a member of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class and The Glow Up performer, has dubbed herself Toxic Chocolate, so it just made sense to pour a steaming cup of what Kathleen Newman-Bremang, co-host and Unbothered Global Deputy Director, called “scam tea.”
But Kali ain’t about the games or the stupid prizes. She prefers peace, good vibes, and a first-class flight with a window seat. If a man flies you out and buys you things, it’s not scamming, Kali says, it’s an investment. “I need trips. Five-star restaurants. Bags and shoes,” says the Fenty ambassador. “Invest in my career, bae. Do it all.”
Co-host and Associate Social Media Strategist Maiya Carmichael cosigns Kali’s attitude. “That’s a whole word right there. You’re not buying women — you’re investing,” she says, ready for her hot girl spot on Kali’s tour bus.
The “Mami” lyricist offered a word of advice for her fellow sisters enjoying their “having fun era.” Rule No. 1: “Don’t ever go nowhere without no money. Period. If you can’t buy your plane ticket back, you do not need to be going,” Kali cautions. “If I go out of town and I don’t want to sleep with a guy and he’s like, ‘You gotta leave.’ I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m going to stay. I’ll get my own room. And I’m going to have fun while I’m out here. But you have a blast with your ego.’”
To hear more about people pocket watching, Kali’s summer performances, and her tight-knit circle, listen to the full episode below.

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