The Couples In The New Bachelor In Paradise Promo Are Breaking My Brain

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Slight spoilers are ahead. If you thought the celebrity host lineup for Bachelor in Paradise was random (Lil Jon? David Spade?) just wait until you see the pairings that this season leads to. The new promo for Paradise season seven dropped at the end of Katie Thurston's Bachelorette finale and I have some questions. Mainly, how? And why? The promo included glimpses at several of the Bachelor in Paradise couples we can expect to see, and most of them are absolutely confounding.
For starters, Becca Kufrin — fresh off her breakup with one of the most controversial contestants ever, Garrett Yrigoyen — goes for Thomas Jacobs from Katie's season. That's the guy who eventually got sent home for explicitly stating that he didn't come on the show for the right reasons. Maybe she just didn't catch those episodes, but watching Becca flirt with another guy waving red flags is already too much for me to handle.
There were also shots of Noah Erb, the "villain" of Tayshia Adams' season flirting with fan favorite Abigail Heringer from Matt James' season. How did America's sweetheart end up with someone like Noah? Also from Adams' season is Brendan Morais, who ultimately self-eliminated on The Bachelorette because he wasn't ready for marriage. But now, here he is in the new Paradise promo seemingly telling MyKenna Dorn from Peter Weber's season, "All I really need is you." (Note: It is possible the cut to MyKenna was edited and he was really talking to someone else, but that's hardly the point.) And in perhaps the most awkward twist of events, Paradise exes Kendall Long and Joe Amabile both arrived in Paradise where Joe started something with Serena Pitt from Matt's season, much to Kendall's dismay. It also seems like there will be a dramatic love triangle between Paradise all-star Demi Burnett, Kenny Braasch from Tayshia's season, and Mari Pepin-Solis from Matt's season. 
Not every every relationship hinted in the new promo is completely random, though. Tahzjuan Hawkins from Colton Underwood's season and Tre Cooper Katie's season seem to have potential — both know what it feels like to have their spotlight stolen in Bachelor-land. Tammy Ly from Peter's season and Aaron Clancy from Katie's season may have been able to bond over the drama they kicked up in their previous appearances. And then there's just something so sweet about the way Maurissa Gunn from Peter's season tells Riley from Tayshia's season, "You make me so happy," in the extended preview.
Bachelor in Paradise may see a few happy endings, even if I don't totally understand some of these couples just yet. That's the point of Paradise. Instead of a group of 25 (or more) people all competing for the attention of one person, Paradise lets contestants just come together see who they click with. And after nearly two years without a new season of Paradise to create these connections, of course this stacked cast is ready to mingle with anyone and everyone — even contestants you never saw coming.

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