The Bachelor‘s Mykenna Doesn’t Need The Show To Make Her An Influencer

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Peter Weber’s Bachelor season is kicking off, which means it’s time to get to know a bunch of new potential Instagram influencers. But while it’s very much A Thing that Bachelor contestants become influencers these days, at least one contestant has a leg up on the competition in that area. Bachelor contestant Mykenna Dorn is a fashion blogger, who already has nearly 54,000 followers as @mykennajean on Instagram. 
But just because her job involves putting herself out there, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going on the show solely to expand her reach. Mykenna shared a post on Instagram after she was announced as a contestant in which she wrote, “If you know me well, you’ll know that it’s no secret that getting this opportunity to find love on #TheBachelor is something that I’ve always believe [sic] would work for me. I am such a hopeless romantic and am truly looking for my person.”
This show’s been on for 18 years. It makes sense that a 22-year-old could come to the conclusion that one day it could work for her, too. Plus, according to her Bachelor bio, her grandparents were married for 61 years and got engaged on their first date. Mykenna could end up knowing Peter for a whopping two months before they decide to get married. 
So, do Mykenna's 54k followers enjoy on a regular basis? Apparently, lots of dancing — especially with a glass of wine in her hand. In fact, her bio reads, “CEO of Cringy Wine Dancing.” While many of her more recent posts show Mykenna dancing in a more casual setting — family get-togethers where no one else is dancing, weddings where no one else is dancing — she does have some old videos that make it look like she’s had some actual dance training. 
But while she’s clearly hard at work with her “cringy wine dancing," her actual job on the show is listed as “Fashion Blogger." Apparently, that only means on Instagram for now, because her website,, is currently undergoing some work and “will be back shortly.” Maybe she's just getting it ready for the many, many people who will want to check it out after her time on The Bachelor.
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