I’m A Beauty Brand Founder & This Is What My Routine Looks Like In A Week

Photo: courtesy of Babba Rivera.
Babba C. Rivera is an award-winning brand-marketing professional and Forbes 30 Under 30 alum who's held roles at companies like Uber and Away. She formerly served as the founder and CEO of global marketing agency bybabba. Now, Rivera is drawing upon her extensive brand-building experience as the founder of Ceremonia, a new hair-care line inspired by her own Latin heritage and the rituals she grew up with. This interview was told to Rachel Krause and has been edited for length and clarity.
Sunday evenings are my go-to for self-care. I usually get my hair ready for my wash day the next morning and take my time practicing treatment-focused beauty rituals, enjoying every step of the process. I start with the Ceremonia Aceite de Moska on my scalp and massage it in with the Scalp Masajeador. It gives me a relaxing moment to unwind and I love the way the scent blooms with the motion of the scalp massager. I then put on the Ceremonia Spa Headband, which I keep on overnight as I like to sleep with the Aceite de Moska in my hair before washing it off the next day. The band is the perfect accessory for the rest of my beauty rituals because it keeps my hair out of my face — it also makes me feel like I'm at a spa!
After applying the Aceite de Moska, I like to follow with a face mask moment. I love Tata Harper Clarifying Mask for a Sunday reset — it gently exfoliates without stripping. I then apply the Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey Soothing B3 Serum and Barrier Lipid Complex and finish with the Dream Mask from MANTLE. On my body, I like to apply Chillhouse Have a Chill Night Oil, and then I go to bed to snuggle with [my eight-month-old daughter] Alma. I usually let her fall asleep in my bed while breastfeeding, and before I move her to her crib I like to keep her snuggled next to me while I watch a few episodes of Netflix shows on my iPad or read a book. My husband usually plays video games at this time. It's become a little ritual of ours to practice alone time on Sunday nights.
On Monday mornings I like to start the day with a shower before breakfast. After having slept with the Aceite de Moska in my scalp and dry ends, it feels extra nice to step into the shower and deep cleanse my roots. I use the Ceremonia Champú de Yucca & Witch Hazel together with the Scalp Masajeador to bring it up to a rich lather and help deep cleanse the scalp. The combination of the oil treatment followed by the shampoo and scalp massager functions as the ultimate deep cleanse to remove excess sebum, product buildup, and beyond, without stripping away natural oils. I then follow with the Ceremonia Acondicionador de Cupuaçu & Castor, which creates an amazing silky feeling already in the shower. The castor oil leaves my hair super shiny and soft.
When I get out of the shower I apply the new Ceremonia Guava Rescue Spray — it’s like a lightweight leave-in conditioner in spray format that helps detangle and smooth your hair without weighing it down. I love how it helps control frizz while also protecting against the sun and heat. This has become a staple of mine and has been my secret hair hack for the past few months. I then finish up with the Pequi Curl Activator to help enhance and define my waves. I’m seriously obsessed with how it has revitalized my waves over time, and it smells incredibly good.
I then wash my face with the Tracie Martyn Amla Cleanser, use the Marie Veronique + Kristina Foley serums, and finish off with Vintner’s Daughter face oil. I usually let the skin-care products soak in before applying makeup, so I go and enjoy breakfast and some playtime with my daughter Alma before finishing up my beauty routine since I usually don’t start my work days until 9:30 or 10 am. I love that extra time in the morning to be with my baby.
A couple of minutes before my first meeting, I go back into the bathroom to quickly apply a very minimal makeup look. I start with Saie Glowy Super Gel, which is like a serum but with a nice glow effect. I then use the Merit The Minimalist stick to cover up dark spots and redness, Merit Brow 1980 gel, and La Bouche Rouge mascara, and finish up with the Saie Dew Blush in Rosy or Peach and Kosasport Lipfuel to moisturize my lips. The full routine takes less than five minutes and is all in all very minimal. I like these brands because they feel more like skin care than makeup — I hate the feeling of masking my face.
On Tuesdays I have an earlier start with a 9 am meeting. It's an internal meeting so I feel less pressured to be camera-ready for it, which means I sometimes squeeze in a Peloton bike ride before and hop on the call after without makeup. I never take shortcuts with skin care, though, so my full morning regimen remains the same each day, following the full sequence of layered serums from Marie Veronique x Kristina Holey. I usually like to revive my hair in between wash days with the Guava Rescue Spray as it helps add a bit of moisture without weighing it down, and now during summer it also helps protect my hair from everyday stressors of the season such as UV but also chlorine and salt water. If my ends are feeling dry, I apply the Guava Leave-In Conditioner as well. It’s the perfect repair agent for dry ends — this product is my lifesaver, especially when I am way overdue for a haircut. 
Photo: courtesy of Babba Rivera.
I usually don’t have meetings on Wednesdays, which means I either fully focus on deep work or it’s a content day for me. If the latter, I like to start the day with a bit of a glow booster. My best beauty hack is to layer the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask with the Regenerating Cleanser. Together, they work more intensely, and you basically get an express glow boost. After that, I like to apply eye masks to reduce puffiness. I love Live Tinted’s new Rays Copper Eye Masks — not only do the ingredients help reduce puffiness, they also reduce the appearance of fine lines and have a brightening effect while nourishing the sensitive area under the eyes.
I usually revive my hair by applying a bit of water to dampen the ends a bit, and then I apply the Pequi Curl Activator to help activate a wavy look. Makeup stays minimal as with every other day, but if I feel like adding something extra, I usually go for the La Bouche Rouge lipsticks. I love their lipsticks so much — they're free of toxins and the brand is so beautiful and sustainable. My favorite shades are Nude Red for a more neutral look and Self-Service Satin for a pop of red.
Today I wash my hair again, and I usually try to deep condition on Thursdays, too. My best hack is to add a few drops of Aceite de Moska into my conditioner. The oil is a powerful blend of natural ingredients and functions as the perfect hydration booster, turning your conditioner into a hair mask. I leave it on for 10 minutes in the shower, then rinse off thoroughly. I also like to use the Nécessaire Eucalyptus Body Wash for a bit of a spa feeling in the shower. Since the pandemic I also started painting my nails at home. I usually do this before starting the workday and let the nail polish dry while I do my morning emails. It’s the perfect time-saving hack! I'm currently obsessed with the brand Olive & June — truly a salon manicure experience at home.
I take the day off on Fridays to enjoy quality time with my baby, since I didn’t get to take any maternity leave as an entrepreneur. Sometimes I go into the city to meet some friends for lunch with Alma and will usually opt for a natural makeup look that is again more focused on skin care. When spending the day outside I always make sure to use sunscreen. I'm currently obsessed with Saie Sunvisor — finally a sunscreen that feels more like a glowy serum vs. a thick layer of cream.
When I come home I like to take a long bath to unwind from the week. I pour Vertly CBD-Infused Bath Salts into the tub and do a body scrub if I have time — I love the Palermo Coffee Scrub. To moisturize my skin, I love mixing body lotion with oils. I use the Nécessaire Body Lotion and add a few drops of Chillhouse Have a Chill Day Oil, as it has a refreshing scent and adds a nice booster in hydration without being overly thick. Before going to bed I apply the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum — it’s so potent and truly helps minimize the appearance of lines and pores.
I like to stay active on Saturdays, so I either work out or go for a self-care appointment. My go-to is Tracie Martyn’s Red Carpet Facial — it’s incredible for sculpting and almost feels like getting an all-natural facelift. I’m now hooked, and try to go every month if my schedule allows. In between facials, I love using the Enzyme Exfoliant at home and finishing up with the Firming Serum.
For my hair, I usually opt for a high pony on the weekends and use our Guava Leave-In Conditioner to help control frizz and soften the strands. It also protects against sun and pollution, making it the perfect friend for a day out and about.
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