Cindy Crawford Modeled Ross’ Leather Pants For The Friends Reunion

Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max.
During the highly anticipated Friends reunion, which was released on HBO Max on Thursday, Cindy Crawford brought back one of the most memorable looks from the show: Ross’ (David Schwimmer) "paste pants." 
To remind you: In the fifth season, in “The One With All The Resolutions” episode, Ross wore a pair of leather pants. He subsequently got stuck with them around his ankles — during a date. “I got really hot in my leather pants, so I took them off,” Ross tells Joey (Matt LeBlanc) over the phone, while hiding in his date’s bathroom. “But they must have shrunk from the sweat or something, or my legs expanded from the heat. I can’t get them back on, Joey. I can’t!” He then proceeded to lather his legs in lotion, followed by baby powder, before, once again, failing to hike the pants back up.
The supermodel modeled the pair during a runway segment of the reunion. Stylist Erica Cloud, who was the lead wardrobe stylist for it, confirmed to Popsugar that Crawford wore the exact same Agnès B. pants that Ross got stuck in. She also shared that no one else had worn them since the episode was filmed in 1998. “They fit her perfectly,” Cloud told the publication. Yes, but by the looks of it, Crawford didn’t have any issues with the pants. That said, who knows what happened when she tried to take them off post-show. 
The segment, which aired during the reunion special, also starred Cara Delevingne, who wore Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) hot pink bridesmaid dress from Season 2, as well as Ross’ Holiday Armadillo costume from Season 7; Justin Bieber, who dressed in Ross’ Spudnik Halloween costume from Season 8; and LeBlanc, who recreated a scene from the show’s third season when he wore all of the clothes in Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) closet to spite him. 
Watch the runway show, as well as the entire Friends: The Reunion episode, now on HBO Max. 

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