Meghan McCain’s Having A Chaotic Week — & It’s Only Monday

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Meghan McCain is once again making headlines — and, this time, she appears to be playing a game of McCain Bingo. During The View’s Monday episode, things got heated between McCain and fellow host Whoopi Goldberg after McCain diverted a conversation about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s most recent comments to, instead, take aim at Rep. Ilhan Omar and other U.S. congresswomen of color known as The Squad. The end result was another McCain meltdown: hardly the first, surely not the last. 
Congresswoman and right-wing provocateur Greene drew criticism recently after comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust, saying such requirements are on par with Nazi Germany forcing Jewish people to wear gold stars. The View’s hosts discussed these comments, as well as other actions and comments made by Greene, including her belief in Jewish space laser-caused wildfires, her transphobia, and her continued harassment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other congresswomen of color. When it was McCain’s turn to weigh in, she quickly shifted the conversation to Rep. Omar and The Squad. 
"I mean, I can’t stand Marjorie Taylor Greene," McCain began. "I think she’s a crazy person, I’ve said that over and over again. But she has been stripped of her committees — she has absolutely no legislative power in Congress whatsoever. Which, juxtapose, when Ilhan Omar said that Jewish people had hypnotized the world and it was all about the Benjamins — she’s still on the foreign relations committee and she’s able to dictate our foreign policy in the United States of America. So, what do you expect Republicans to do? I think that’s taking a lot more action against a crazy person than, I would say, the Democrats are doing on the left." 
McCain then feigned confusion as to why the hosts were discussing Greene’s comments at all, listing a slew of antisemitic hate crimes that have been documented across the country and world in response to the recent bombings in Gaza. She then went on to lament “bias in the media,” claiming the media is focusing on Greene rather than the rise in antisemitism and that's how people are “red pilled.”
After McCain rambled for about two minutes, Goldberg attempted to take the show to commercial — a run-of-the-mill obligation of any TV-show host. But McCain did not appreciate it. 
“Why are you cutting me off?” McCain yelled at Goldberg. “I’m cutting you off because we got to go, Meghan! Why do you think I’m cutting you off?” a clearly exacerbated Goldberg replied. 
The exchange quickly went viral on Twitter. And as if that's not enough, all of this happened after McCain was reportedly "snubbed" by the White House when reaching out about COVID-19 messaging to encourage viewers to get vaccinated. Elsewhere, the White House had allegedly been coordinating messaging with Goldberg. While Goldberg was "treated to a private briefing," McCain "never heard back," according to Politico.
This all also coincides with McCain calling CNN’s Chris Cuomo a “macabre ghoul” and a "sanctimonious tool." (Yes, she's had a busy week.) The Washington Post reported that Cuomo, a journalist and political talking head, had personally advised his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo after multiple former and current staffers accused him of sexual misconduct and harassment — a move many argue breaks the journalistic code of ethics. Cuomo is said to have advised his brother to “take a defiant position,” not resign, and used the phrase “cancel culture.” 
“I think the fact that he’s acted like he’s just too precious to talk about his brother — I do have family in politics," McCain, who does not hesitate to remind anyone who will listen that she is the daughter of former Sen. John McCain, said during a View episode. "It’s tough. I will talk about them on air, and I have when it’s hard. Grow up,” she continued, seemingly oblivious to the fact that, in her case, the problem isn’t that she doesn’t talk about her family members in politics — it’s that she talks about them too much. 
Of course, this is hardly the first multi-headline-making week in Meghan McCain’s career: She has seemingly made a name for herself by being as bombastic and hypocritical as possible. From her recent revelation that paid family leave is, in fact, important and her outrage over not being able to access the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as those who are high-risk, to her defense of the former president’s racist COVID talking points, and her choice to compare herself to Game of Thrones’ character Daenerys Targaryen, McCain’s contribution to The View seems to consist of two things: questionable hairstyles and even more questionable viewpoints.
This is undoubtedly why most View fans often end the show asking themselves one of (or all of) three things: What is McCain going to say next? What is her hairstylist going to do next? And, finally: Why is she still on The View again?

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