“Queen Of Dragons” Meghan McCain Says She Will Not Be Silenced

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'Twas only yesterday that Meghan McCain’s mouth was whooped shut by legend Whoopi Goldberg about impeachment. After McCain spewed some nonsense, her co-hosts on The View brought the receipts about how impeachment works. One day later, McCain is attempting to play a new hand in the battle of wits, and took to Twitter to let the world know that she (and conservative women like her) simply won’t be silenced. 
Channeling the Mother of Dragons in her, McCain tweeted Tuesday morning, “Good morning to all the fellow conservative ‘girls’ who won’t be quiet” along with a gif of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. 
The tweet seems pointed at Goldberg, who yesterday snapped at McCain, saying, “Girl, please stop talking! Please stop talking now!” The outburst was particularly out of character for Goldberg, who has, in all honesty, given McCain lots of leeway to run her mouth, and been very gentle with her in the past. 
While McCain replied “No problem. I won’t talk for the rest of the show,” while on air, she’s obviously regrouped and would like to get in the boxing ring for round two. This is all, of course, in spite of the fact that her co-hosts have let her speak and held their tongues time and time again — there truly haven’t been many times that she’s actually been silenced. Does McCain really have such little experience with conversations where she learns a lesson that she feels like other people explaining how something works is a slight?
People on Twitter have chimed in to say why McCain’s reaction is just a hair too far, but also why her favor towards Daenerys is spot on the nose, so much so that it’s become a meme. One journalist, Emily Spiers, tweeted, “I guess this is a good analogy in the sense that by the end of the series, it was clear that Daenerys had been corrupted by power, began to embrace authoritarianism, and valued blind loyalty over justice and truth.” 
Besides the implication that conservatives are being silenced in the country when they’re literally running the administration, it’s odd for McCain to align herself with someone who becomes a villain. She also isn’t the only one on the show who has right-leaning politics, with Abby Huntsman who comes from Fox sitting right beside her at the table.
It is a talk show with multiple people, after all, and not a Meghan-McCain-talks-show. McCain has had plenty of opportunities given to her by her co-hosts to stop talking before she embarrasses herself. Still, it would, after all, be hard to truly call having a spot on such a large TV show to begin with being actually silenced.
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