Meghan McCain Gets Schooled On Impeachment, Whoopi-Style

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Meghan McCain learned the hard way on Monday that when Whoopi Goldberg tells you to stop talking, you must comply.
Goldberg, a generally-poised and all-around voice of reason, didn’t hold her tongue on Monday’s segment of “The View” after her co-host, McCain, began spewing about impeachment.  Following an explosive segment on President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings, Goldberg quickly shut down McCain for speaking over others after McCain spoke over both co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.
During a roundtable discussion, Behar went toe-to-toe with McCain and conservative co-host Abby Huntsman. When it came to discussing why former President Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury but Trump isn't being held to that standard, Hostin brought out the receipts — she clamored him for everything from paying off Stormy Daniels to the Ukraine scandal. McCain, being true to her brand, then surmounted that it was her job to “analyze the politics” of the situation and not “litigate the ethics.”
As the conversation went on, Goldberg tried to conclude it, but McCain, still true to her brand, was relentless in continuing. , Finally, in a particularly out of character move, Goldberg loudly said, “Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now.”
“No problem,” a stunned McCain answered, looking into the audience. “I won’t talk for the rest of the show.”
The two went back and forth, but a clearly irritated Goldberg got the last word after she effectively bamboozled McCain, calling out her behavior right before the segment cut to a rather timely commercial break. As far as the audience could tell, though, the segment ended with some loud screaming. 
But this isn’t the first time Meghan McCain has attended an impeachment talk with sharpened knives. And, she doesn’t just extend that debate to her co-hosts — many a guest have been privy to McCain’s confusing position on Trump’s impending impeachment. 
Earlier in December, Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar shut down McCain’s attempt at declaring Democrats may suffer in more conservative states because of the impeachment process, an opinion Klobuchar turned on its head by highlighting Democratic victories.
Meanwhile, back in November, McCain and Behar got into their own screaming match, that eventually went to commercial break, after McCain claimed Behar wasn’t listening to her stance on topics discussed during the Democratic debates meaning nothing in the long run for Trump’s impeachment.
Despite an enormous amount of backlash to her reasoning, McCain’s track record when it comes to discussing impeachment speaks for itself — it’s loud and it’s unrelenting. So, it’s likely this won’t be the last debate she partakes in before the final impeachment hearings.
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