This Is How Much Dr. Pimple Popper Actually Makes Per Instagram Post

Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images.
While there's money to be made in many niche medical industries, the business of pimple popping has to be one of the most shockingly lucrative. The pioneer in the space is, of course, cosmetic dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper.
Capitalizing on the internet's extreme fascination with watching pus spew out of blackheads, Dr. Lee has built something of a content empire, with her award-winning TLC show now in its fifth season and over 10 million followers on social-media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. In fact, recent influencer marketing data found Dr. Lee to be the most famous doctor on the internet and estimates her earnings per post in the ballpark of five digits.
Recent Compare The Market analytics show that Dr. Lee tops the list of the world's most influential medical professionals, beating out Dr. Phil and Dr. Alex George of Love Island fame. Based on follower count and engagement, the market calculates that Dr. Lee pockets approximately $13,219 for a single sponsored post on Instagram.
While it's no Kylie Jenner-level paycheck — which is closer to $1,000,000 per sponsored Instagram post — considering Dr. Lee isn't a Kardashian and her feed is comprised exclusively of NSFW thumbnail images featuring pilar cysts and lots of pus, we're pretty impressed.

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