This At-Home Bodyweight Workout Is Super-Modifiable

Photo: Courtesy of Kayla Itsines.
This 12-minute workout — the last one in the three-week series (find weeks one and two here and here) that Sweat app co-founder Kayla Itsines created just for Refinery29 — is perfect for those times when your sports bra is on and your yoga mat is rolled out, but you still just can't bring yourself to get started.
It starts out fast, with lunge hops and squat jumps, to quickly get your heart rate up, boosting your energy and motivation right off the bat. Then it segues into slower, strength-focused moves so you can catch your breath while still working your major muscle groups enough to leave you feeling sore (in a good way) post-workout.
Repeat each move for 30 seconds straight before moving directly into the next move. After completing each move, rest for 30 seconds before starting at the top. The goal is to repeat the whole sequence three times through, though I've been known to stop after one lap on particularly busy days.
"Don’t feel like you need to power through these workouts," Itsines says. "Take your time and focus on your form." If you find yourself getting out of breath (the hops and jumps always stop me), she recommends trying to finish that move and then taking a break — but listen to your body and pause whenever, for however long you need. You're trying to feel good, after all, not add more stress to your day.

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