Here Are 50 Books To Read In 2021

Perhaps you are one of those people for whom 2020's indoor-oriented life meant you finally had the opportunity to make a dent in the precariously high pile of books perched near your bed. Or, perhaps you are someone whose attention span was so diminished by the events of this past year that you could barely get through a tweet, let alone a novel. Whether you fall into the former category or the latter (or, more likely, somewhere in between), the nice thing about entering into a new year is that you can trick yourself that it means one of two things: You have a totally clean slate moving forward with which to start anew or you can build on all the positive habits you've recently acquired without any disruptions at all. Either way, good for you.
All to say, whether or not you have promised yourself that you will read more books in 2021 or just any books in 2021, here is a rather huge list of options for you from which to choose. Some come out within the next few days, while others are still several months from their release. Please do pre-order any that spark your interest, though, as it will at least give you something to look forward to in the coming year. And, if you need the instant gratification of being able to buy a new book right now, here's a nice long list of some of 2020's most notable selections.

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