10 Netflix Stars Who Made This Year’s Naughty List

Looking back at 2020, many will wax poetic about the things that they were thankful for — toilet paper, food delivery, books, the vaccine, and the encouraging smiles of people just doing their best. We'd be remiss, though, to not acknowledge the unsung heroes of this year: the dear, stunning Netflix hotties who helped get us through it all.
These individuals — essential workers in their own fictional way — gave us so much during a time when it felt like everything had been taken away. With every brooding glance, quippy retort, megawatt smile, and, in some cases, *coughs* perfectly sculpted butt, they gave us a reason to solider on, and provided us a much-needed escape. Most importantly, they reminded us what it's like to feel something beyond existential dread.
Now that we've reached the holiday season,  let's savor all the Netflix hotties who made us feel — thirsty, naughty, amused, or just something — in 2020. Here's R29's Netflix Naughty List this year (we left the Nice List back in 2019). Maybe you can't kiss a stranger, but you can dream about doing naughty things to these extremely symmetrical people. Ah, the true meaning of the holidays.

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