Why Twitter Pundits Are Calling For A Boycott Of Trump’s NBC Town Hall

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After refusing to take part in a virtual debate where he would be forced to discuss issues head-to-head with Democratic nominee Joe Biden, President Donald Trump announced that he will instead participate in a town hall with NBC News on Thursday. In the least coincidental turn of events, Trump’s town hall will air at the exact same time as Biden’s ABC town hall, which the former vice president coordinated to air after Trump backed out of the virtual debate.
But Twitter immediately erupted in response to Trump's town hall, which the president and NBC announced only one day in advance. Some questioned why NBC would give Trump “a soapbox to lie from,” while others lambasted the network for agreeing to air Trump’s town hall at the same time as Biden’s when Trump forced the debate to cancel because the format didn’t suit him.
“He backed out of the debate, he paid no taxes, he does not deserve this platform,” reads one tweet. Other pundits speculated that it would do Trump more harm than good to have uninterrupted talking time aired on national television, and that the network should be held responsible for giving him this type of platform
It should be noted that the only reason this competing event is even happening is because Trump objected to the virtual debate format presented by the Commission on Presidential Debates after he tested positive for coronavirus. Trump’s decision to back out of the debate led Biden to announce plans to hold a town hall. According to CNN, shortly after this announcement, Trump’s team began coordinating their own event with NBC.
Trump revealed his own reasons for not wanting to participate in a debate with Biden in an interview with Fox Business. Referring to the debate being held virtually, Trump said, “That’s not what debating is all about – you sit behind the computer and do a debate, it’s ridiculous. And then they cut you off whenever they want.” He also accused the Commission of moving the event to a virtual platform to protect and show favoritism to Biden and not, you know, because he tested positive for COVID-19.
Given this comment, Trump’s behavior during the first debate, and opting for a town hall format instead, it is starting to look like Trump just likes the sound of his own voice and would rather speak endlessly without having to answer to his opponent who is maintaining a steady lead in the polls.
Both events are scheduled for 8:00 p.m. ET, Biden will be on ABC moderated by George Stephanopoulos from Philadelphia. From Miami, Trump will be on NBC with the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie.

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