Mercury Is Entering Leo, & It’s Time To Speak Your Mind

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Mercury is entering the fiery sign of Leo, and as a result, we can expect our words to get a lot more passionate. "After spending almost two months in the emotional sign of Cancer, due to its second retrograde cycle of the year, the planet that rules communication will enter Leo for a short, two-week stay — from August 4 to 19," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at
We know, we know — anything relating to Mercury can make people feel a little wary. But there's nothing to worry about with this transit. In fact, according to Montúfar, Mercury’s journey through Leo will feel like a breath of fresh air. "In this fire sign, the communication planet behaves fast and boldly, loving all sorts of unabashed forms of displays, helping us feel happier and behave more exuberantly," she explains. "During this short time, we get the chance to express what we firmly believe in, without fear of being judged."
Adds astrologer Lisa Stardust: "When Mercury is in fiery Leo, we will be cosmically pushed to express our sentiments with passion and charisma." We'll feel pulled to speak our minds about what lights the fire within us. And whether that's racial inequality, police brutality, healthcare for all, self-love, or all of the above, now is truly the time to let our voices be heard. After all, a Leo-inspired confident communication style may inspire others to view the world as we do.
August 10 may offer an especially powerful push. On that day, Mercury will square rebellious Uranus, who’s in Taurus, "allowing us to view matters and relationships through a new lens," Stardust says. "We will be pushed to assert our political beliefs and fight against the patriarchy."
Shortly after Mercury squares Uranus, the speedy planet will form a trine with warrior planet Mars. "This is by far the best week of this entire transit to be active when it comes to our ideals and fighting for social change," Montúfar says. When our communication is influenced by energetic Mars and fiery Leo, our words could help us become unstoppable. It's also an especially powerful time to recruit others to fight for the causes we're passionate about along with us.
But if we're really hoping to change minds, we'll have to be somewhat conscious of our tone. "We may use boastful words when talking to others and exaggerate facts to make us look better," Stardust cautions. She explains that when Mercury is in obstinate Leo, we can expect to feel stubborn about our beliefs. And that can cause some friction.
"At worst, communication can be too dramatic in nature and lean toward emotional outbursts rather than a creative expression of what we want," Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, tells Refinery29. "Take care not to let your conversation become too overbearing, demanding, or provocative toward others." Hale recommends thinking about what you really wish to convey before expressing it. "As Leo is a fire sign it may be hard to tone things down and come across in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm others."
Still, you should speak from the heart, Stardust says. That's how you'll create the biggest impact.
It's not all so dire either: Communication during this transit often tends to be positive, upbeat, and even playful. And during this heavy time, everyone could use a little lightness.

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