Chrissy Teigen Revealed Her Breast Implant Removal Scars On Instagram

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
A few months ago, Chrissy Teigen announced that she would be undergoing surgery to remove her breast implants. Despite the very public statement posted on Instagram, some still doubted that the 34-year-old model and mother of two would actually go through with the operation. But now, Teigen is giving fans proof that she did, in fact, have the surgery to remove her implants — and has the post-op scars to prove it.
The model and cookbook author set the record straight in her Instagram Story on Sunday, explaining to her followers, "A few of my friends keep having to tell people that I really got my implants out — because no one believes it." She then lifted her yellow Myra Swim bikini top to give a close-up of the matching vertical incision scars on her breasts.
For further evidence, Teigen also shared a photo from inside the operating room where she presumably had the procedure done. Though Teigen's face is covered by sterilization wrap, the unfiltered image shows a bare chest — with blue emoji hearts covering the nipples — complete with a surgeon's Sharpie markings and freshly-dimpled stitches. "Trust me lol," Teigen captioned the photo.
While Teigen didn't disclose the exact timeline of when she had the implant removal, we're assuming it was in the past month or so following her initial announcement in May, since California hospitals and medical practices have resumed elective procedures (with proper safety precautions and COVID-19 screenings beforehand). Regardless, the bottom line couldn't be more clear: her body, her business.

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